Type of Exercise for Diabetes Reversal

The best exercise recommended to a diabetic is a stepwise progression of aerobic exercises. Plain brisk walking is the simplest and safest of all exercises and can be started by any one even past the middle age.

Other type of exercises like jogging, cycling, swimming or strenuous sports may call for a medical examination including a check-up with an exercise -cardiogram (stress test) before a safe exercise prescription can be undertaken. However, the results obtained by high intensity exercises as mentioned above are manifold and greatly help in reducing high BSL’s and elevated HbA1c’s but have to be recommended by a Certified Personal Trainer preferably an ACSM-CPT (American College of Sports Medicine-Certified Personal Trainer).



Now the question arises, whether to have an outdoor exercise program/plan or an indoor one.
Both the exercise program are beneficial provided which program is more convenient and comfortable to you. We would always suggest a combination of the two since it gives the benefit of both indoors and outdoors exercise plan.

The exercise plan or program should be simple and easy to apply on a daily basis. We have to avoid those exercises which cause holding of the breath and then forced exhalation (valsalva maneuver). This has the tendency to cause intra-abdominal pressure and thus increase blood pressure. It may also lead to bleeding in the eyes for a diabetic having retinal disease.



It is worthwhile to note that in general, the incidence and  progression of Type 2 diabetes is linked to:

1. Sedentary lifestyle and

2. The obesity epidemic  (especially intra-abdominal fat).
We must also consider diabetes as a “disease of aging”.

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