Importance of Weight Control

  1. For people looking for win over diabetes, decreasing unwanted kgs of fat from the body is of utmost importance (especially abdominal fat).
  2. Very low carbs diet have unpredictable outcomes and maybe sometimes be disastrous.

 Abdominal fat (Central Obesity) is one of the major causes of Diabetes

   Abdominal fat (Central Obesity) is one of the major causes of Diabetes


  1. Use volumetrics
    What stops us from eating is not the calories taken in but rather the weight of the food. For e.g., if I eat brown rice with dal, I will feel satiated easily by having a small bowl, as compared to consuming white rice with dal in which case I would need a larger bowl.
  2. Low energy density
    Foods having lots of water have a low energy density since they are nutrient dense rather than calorie dense. Foods that are nutrient dense are: soups, salads, dry fruits, beans, fruits, vegetables, etc. Foods that are calorie dense are: mawa and misthan, bhajiyas, ice-creams, milk & milk solids – biscuits and cookies, creamy biscuits, chocolates, cakes and pastries, etc.


pounds (lbs.) = 2.26 kilograms (kgs.)pounds (lbs.) = 2.26 kilograms (kgs.)
  • Muscle takes up less space than fat (with both having the same weight).

  • Even when you are not exercising, you will be burning more calories just by having more muscles.

  • Muscle also improves bone density and helps prevent the loss of muscle mass that occurs with aging, allowing people to stay active as they get older.

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